Processors – How they are manufactured

On the basic information level, processor can be understood as a machine which capable of processing some data. We all are familiar with the Central Processing Unit or CPU in computers. The CPU is the main processing unit of the computer where all the operations are executed. You won’t believe but the basic processor building […]

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Cyber Terrorism

Who is a cyber terrorist and what are their types? A cyber-terrorist is a criminal who uses computer technology and the Internet, especially to cause fear and disruption. Some cyber terrorists spread computer viruses, and others threaten people electronically. We may classify them into 7 different types of cyber terrorists as below: 1] Script Kiddie […]

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World’s smallest yet powerful computer!

Decades ago Charles Babbage invented the first computer that occupied size of the whole room. From that time numerous attempts were made to make computers stronger, user friendly, lighter and compact. This led to the advancements in the computers leading to development of personal computers, desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones. Today’s generation is attracted towards the […]

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