If you are an artist, love to draw, sketch, love paintings, this is the place to share your creative art, drawings, paintings, sketches, and even computer graphic art also. All kinds of creative image work can be shared over here…for all your classmates to see, for your friends to see, and for the entire world to behold. As an example, we have here on display some art work by our former student Joy Christopher, who is a lover of art and photography. You can of course find him on Facebook! And below here, a few of his paintings and art work to inspire the artist in you. So, register, login and post and share your creative art work on this site.

Oh yes… need to register/ login to post and share your creativity on the site!


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  1. Great job Joy……you are welcome to share more of your paintings and art work!!!

  2. Beautiful paintings Joy, the 2nd and 4th paintings are exceptionally creative.

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