Life is a Mystery

Life is a Mystery

Once upon a time there was a truck driver, his name was Roy. He would work hard the whole day to earn money for his daily living. He had a wife and two children, a boy and a girl. The girl finished her education and he wanted to get married, but he didn’t have the money to invest for her wedding. The boy was in his final year in college. His wife was a homemaker. He had great difficulty in making the ends meet. As he was growing old, it became hard for him to do this tiring work. In spite of his failing health he never gave up.
One day he got so tired that he decided to leave his job being a truck driver as it was not getting easy anymore. Driving a truck in bad weather day and night is very hard. His salary too was very less in comparison to all the hard work he put in. One day another problem came up, his wife felt very sick. It was difficult for him to look after his sick wife and at the same time earn money to put the bread on the table. Unlike other men, Roy, would never take to smoking or drinking. He knew this stuff were bad for health. Mostly when men get frustrated they take to drinking and smoking, but when Roy was stressed he would listen to music. He loved music and used to play the Guitar. He loved rock music, pop music and even the slow old numbers. After listening to music for some time he would calm down and then continue with his job. He never cheated anyone in life but helped many people. He was loved by almost everyone. He was also God fearing and prayed daily. He would take people in his truck and drop them wherever they wanted to go. In his company he was known by everyone. They all had positive reviews about him.
Once when he was driving his truck, pulling a huge payload. As he was passing over a dam, the weather was extremely bad and visibility was very low. All of a sudden, he lost control of the truck, but by the grace of God he made it out of the bridge and crashed into the side barriers of the road. His truck and cargo were badly damaged. He got hurt but nothing serious. His phone too was damaged so there was nothing that he could do or even call for help. Later he found out, that the entire road was blocked due to bad weather so no vehicles would also be able to help him. He had two options, walk till the end of the road or stay with the truck. He waited for some time but the need for food, water and most necessarily shelter from the heavy rain made him take the decision to walk to the end of the road. While he was walking he thought about a movie he had seen last night. The movie was about a poor boy who used to beg for money. He was a beggar, until one day he thought of working. He used to take up small jobs and earn his money. One day the boy was working in a field and he found a treasure full of money and gold. This was the movie in short. Roy was thinking about it and he said to himself,” I wish I was that lucky”. All of a sudden, he saw something in the ground. He went and pulled it out, it was a box. He took it back to the truck, he removed a hammer from the tool box in the truck and hit the lock with one hard blow. He broke the lock and opened the box. Believe it or not, it was a treasure. He was so happy that he discovered a treasure. Later when the weather cleared, he was helped and taken home. He told his wife what had happened and then he took a pencil and started to note down the stuff in the treasure. His life was set. He could finally get his daughter married and his son could get proper educated. He could now lead a good life.

Moral: We should never lose hope in life because life is full of wonder and mystery.

-by Craig Conceicao


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