World’s smallest yet powerful computer!

Decades ago Charles Babbage invented the first computer that occupied size of the whole room. From that time numerous attempts were made to make computers stronger, user friendly, lighter and compact. This led to the advancements in the computers leading to development of personal computers, desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones. Today’s generation is attracted towards the technology which is very compact, user friendly and easily accessible. Decades ago Charles Babbage invented the first computer occupying the whole size of a room and now we the smallest computer of our era the Michigan Micro Mote. Developed by Researchers at the University of Michigan, Michigan Micro Mote is the first ever computer based on Nano technology. The tiny M^3 is capable of taking pictures, reading temperatures and recording pressure readings. The Michigan faculty sees the Micro Mote as a way to never lose anything again. The vision is that people would buy a couple of M^3s and stick the computers to their keys, wallet, and anything else they don’t want to lose. And using a central system, people would be able to locate their belongings within the confines of their home. The Michigan Micro Mote contains solar cells, which power the battery with ambient light. Since there is no Keyboard and Mouse in this computer, it uses sensors for input and radios for output. By strobing light at a high frequency, the operator is able to send information to the computer. Once the Micro Mote processes the data, it is able to send the information to a central computer via conventional radio frequencies.

In the mere future it believed that our lives will be enriched by Nano technology. In addition, all we need an external monitor for display. No need of carrying laptops or even smartphones, we will need just those Nano computers connected to an external display to get started with our work. This technology will definitely change our daily life make it easier. We won’t need any keyboard or mouse to give input to the computer, these Nano computers already have built in microphone. So it will completely work on our voice i.e. all the input would be given through our voice commands. A smart A.I. (Artificial intelligence) will help us in communicating with the computer. These Nano computers are the complete package containing a powerful operating system, a simplified user interface, strong processor and the computer which is more compact. In short it can be said that the future generation of computers will be smaller in size but stronger in performance and productivity.


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  1. vijay says:

    Nehanshu, this is good…nice…..compilation. Keep it up…and better would be to inspire and encourage your classmates to also register and post their creative thoughts, etc. here. Thank you.

  2. I am very proud of you beta . Your research on the subject is commendable keep it up. Update yourself further and further by reading relevant books and take guidance of your teachers.

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