Hologram and our Future

A HOLOGRAM is a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.

Holograms are made by using a single laser beam. The beam is then split into two beams by a special lens. That way, you get two laser beams that are exactly the same. One of those beams is the “reference beam” and is shone directly onto the film. The second beam is reflected off of the object that you want to make a hologram of. When the two laser beams intersect, they create what’s called an interference pattern. This is the pattern that the two sets of waves make when they overlap.(To picture this, you can imagine if you dropped two pebbles into a puddle. The pebbles make waves that go outwards, and when the two sets of waves run into each other, they form a pattern.) That pattern is what’s recorded onto the film. Then when the film is developed, you can see the whole image.


Hologram and the futuristic virtual technology:
The future of Holograms is no far from now. Hologram was first introduced by Dennis Gabor in the earlier 90’s. The need for developing holograms was that to make an object on the screen come alive with the use of virtual reality. It as simple as watching a movie on a flat screen and watching a 3d live movie which can be viewed from all the sides. Presently, companies like Microsoft are working on ideas to be able to virtually touch, see and interact with holograms by wearing a Hololens. Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to interact with high definition holograms in your world. You just need to wear the hololens and you are all set for experiencing and interacting with virtual objects.

It is believed that in the mere future our world will be emphasized by hologram technology from education to entertainment. In future the Hologram technology will change the way of gaining education, understanding concepts. Imagine while actually studying some complicated network we can make those networks virtually come true and can easily understand the flow of current, also studying about the working of various transistors, circuits and other electronic components. It would also help in simulation and help in learning to drive a car, to fly an aeroplane etc. It would take our way of entertainment to the next level. We could see 3d movies and play virtual reality games. Also the hologram technology will greatly influence and revolutionize medical technology by helping in diagnosing diseases and curing them easily which would help to encounter various incurable diseases. Also it would change the way we do communications. With hologram technology we would actually be able to do a 3D voice call during meetings and also communicate with our friends. In short the hologram technology will break the barrier between the virtual and real world.


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